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Best Luxury Villas of Saint Barths

Posted by Guillaume on Jan 25, 2024 10:48:39 AM

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Where does the alluring magic of Saint Barths, the jewel of the Caribbean originate, you may ask yourself? The villas themselves redefine opulence and pure comfort to all. Villas snuggled in hillsides or overlooking the sea, you can never go wrong with the spectacular views this island will offer as the creme de la creme in your new luxurious villa. So what are the best luxury villas of Saint barths? On this island, we’re not short of the best luxury villas ever to be seen. For many, a vacation here remains a dream but for a privileged few it is a cherished home away from home. If you’re reading this, chances are you are a part of the exclusive group. 


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Allure of saint Barths

Outstanding ambiance flows like the wind on this french island. The allure is in everything, you see? From the phenomenal cuisine that's marvelously positioned on your plate til it graces your palate, to the pristine white sand beaches that hug your feet as you walk along the ocean, a serenity from the ocean that feels like it could last a lifetime. Saint Barth's culture is refined, exuding grace and denotes high quality and high status. The charm this island holds is in every aspect. 

Luxury living in Saint Barths

This haven attracts folks from every corner of the globe. Due to the luxurious accommodations, high-end lifestyle and exclusivity it is the top destination for the “high society”. The appeal of the French island gets more enticing by its ability to hold yachts over hundreds of feet long, gourmet restaurants that offer a creole and french combination that await your accomadation, exclusive events, and a boasting atmosphere blending French sophistication with Caribbean charm. 


Ultimate Villa Experience

Saint Barts luxury private villas embody exclusivity and comfort. Our villas here are crafted with every detail in mind supplying the oasis of your dreams. These French island villas offer high-end amenities, exquisite architecture, personalized preferences and vivid ocean views that never get old. Appealing to an affluent society these villas live up to the reputation of the island as they offer superior retreats for the elite. 


Choosing Your perfect Villa

When you are looking to choose your perfect villa, you should pick one that aligns your personal needs and preferences that offer the best balance of comfort, amenities, location and value. Note things like budget right away and then move on to factors like privacy, proximity to attractions, and your personal non-negotiables, for instance outdoor space, pools, air conditioning, etc. This will all ensure your dream villa will be the perfect setting for you and your significant other(s). Though this part may seem a little overwhelming, our agents at Corcoran are here to assist you along the way. 


Top Luxury Villas in St. Barts

The most exclusive villas on the island offer a few common things which are top of the end amenities, gorgeous views, and privacy. All of our villas here at Corcoran are well-constructed and offer high quality materials. 

Some of our exclusive villas offer lovely pools with panoramic ocean views and some of our villas offer the ocean just a few steps from the doorway. The preference is yours. Maybe, your perfect villa offers a fully equipped kitchen with a covered terrace that overlooks the turquoise waters surrounding with lush greenery or maybe you're looking for a chance to build your dream villa on a beachfront property. 

Corcoran will guide you to buying your dream villa, or even renting out a villa for a perfect family getaway. 


Villa CR-STL - Oceanfront Paradise 

The oceanfront spacious villa in Lorient will exceed your expectations. This oasis is a modern styled villa that boasts simplistic beauty. The architect did not miss a single beat with this secluded villa. The villa has a beautiful white staircase that leads up to the main level paired with spectacular views of the ocean and an infinity pool for your leisure. 

Villa Stellae St Barth - Photo Laurent Benoit

There is a large deck for sunbathing, outdooring cooking and/or hosting for friends and family. The spacious living room features an open style kitchen, dining area and lounge all while offering an incredible view of the ocean, framed with greenery. Three bedrooms on the main level are fully equipped and offer ensuite stunning bathrooms with their own personal terrace for privacy. One of the bedrooms offers a jacuzzi that gives an extra dash of luxury.

The intermediate level of this ideal villa offers two bungalows each featuring their own bathroom and terrace. Lastly there is a sixth bedroom featuring an ensuite bathroom, a gym, a natural heated pool, a massage space, and a petanque area(a lawn style bowling game originated in France)! Sophisticated serenity with an exclusive resort-like ambiance. 

Villa CR-CAJ - Hilltop Retreat

An exceptional villa located above the clouds on this volcanic island sits this hilltop retreat in Deve. This villa features extraordinary wide archtop windows, lush greenery in every direction, more than one spacious terrace that mesmerizes you in seconds with its viewpoints and on the inside a rather quaint charm presence about it that exudes tranquility. 

At villa Deve, the two rooms both have an en suite with ocean views surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers. One of the terraces holds a beautiful pool positioned perfectly for a view that provides peace and serenity. A charming staircase up to the main level of the villa offers the same beautiful ocean view with a sweet living area and a kitchen. 

Villa Casa jojo St Barth

When the French island goes to sleep, the sky at this villa stays up with stars and planets covering the night sky. Villa Deve has a third wooden villa being built on this property for extra luxurious accommodations purposes that will be done before closing. 


Villa CR-BHL - Beachfront Elegance

This beachfront property presents an ideal opportunity for creative visionaries to construct their dream villa. This villa sits on 0.32 acres of land and offers a two bedroom two bathroom property. A few steps out of the door and island paradise is at your feet. It is positioned in a residential zone classified as UV. With a UV zone in your pocket it grants the right to build 35% of the land plus an extra 50 square meters. Approval for a building permit has been granted and is accessible for review upon request. 

The approved design features a 4 bedroom villa, 4 bathroom, a TV room and fitness area. This villa is also in a central location with proximity to all major amenities making it the perfect location. 

Villa CR-BHL St Barth


Buying Your dream villa 

Buying a luxury villa in Saint Barts is a luxury real estate investment due to the french islands exclusivity, stunning natural beauty, and the status known by most as a popular destination for the affluent clientele. When you decide to buy in Saint Barths our agents here at Corcoran will be at your side helping you navigate the entire process. 



The reputation Saint Barths holds is an exclusive upscale destination that offers privacy and pure elegance. The French island's allure comes from picturesque beaches, unparalleled cuisine, vibrant culture and phenomenal architecture. If purchasing a villa isn't suitable at the moment, here at Corcoran we also provide rentals as an alternative that makes for an unforgettable vacation experience. Book a call with Corcoran today to get started on your journey, whether it be to buy or rent, we're here as your personal helping hand.

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