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Best beaches in st Barts

Posted by Guillaume on Mar 24, 2021 8:25:00 AM

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Tourism at beaches is a major activity that has developed significantly over the years. Tourism is an activity of moving a person from one place to mesmerize the beauty of that place to have fun. The island of St Barts is well known for its iconic and unspoiled beaches with incredible blue water and coral reefs.

These beaches give wonderful views and experience of closeness with nature. There are many beaches on St Barts, and it is a bit difficult to suggest the best one because every beach has its own specific streak. Here I will give you the brief commencement of ten stunning beaches of St Barths and everyone will clearly get a site to visit with his own specific taste.

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Saint Jean Beach

Located conveniently near the St Barts airport, St Jean Beach is an absolute gem among the stunning and picturesque beaches of St Barth. Its iconic status is owed to the presence of the luxurious Eden Rock Hotel, which stands proudly in the center, and is regarded as one of the island's first and most opulent hotels. Another prominent establishment you'll find here is the renowned Nikki Beach restaurant, a haven for beach party enthusiasts, offering delectable cuisine and Champagne showers! Additionally, you'll find Carib Waterplay, a fantastic water sports rental service offering a wide range of options including paddle boards, kayaks, windsurfing, and more. This is the perfect opportunity to add some excitement to your beach day and try out a new water sport.

St Jean Beach is divided by the majestic Eden Rock Hotel and restaurant, creating two distinct sections. The right side, known as "Pelican," boasts serene and tranquil waters that are perfect for snorkeling. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear depths and witness the enchanting sight of sea turtles gracefully grazing on sea grass just a few meters from the shoreline.

St Jean beach


Colombier Beach

For getting to this beach, you have to be on your foot and that involves a scenic and a short hike down a hillside. You have to hike for almost 30 to 40 minutes, but I assure, you will not get bored because it offers many beautiful sceneries and sometimes you see turtles and little sea creatures in a clear water. Colombier Beach is also accessible by boats. You'll appreciate a breathtaking panoramic view of the island, encompassing a tropical mansion from the 1960s constructed for David Rockefeller, along with the neighboring islands to the west of St. Barts. 

This is a perfect spot for people who like the isolated places. After the hike you will relax at shady and beautiful shore.

One of the most famous things about this beach is the iconic view of sunset. The sunsets are spectacular. This located on a bit top and that is why you experience a wonderful sunset at Colombier Beach. You should go there with a picnic lunch and spend the day snorkeling and swimming.

Colombier beach


Governor's Beach (Gouverneur Beach in French)

It is located on the Island’s south side and it is near to the parking lot. This beach possesses some of the most dramatic landscapes. The famous thing about Gouverneur Beach - in French - is the colors of water that sparkling down from the sun. These turquoise water colors give a soothing view to one’s eyes that sitting on the clear sand of this beach.

The governors beach is beautiful little by little a golden gum emerges from the coconut palms, a glimpse of the emerald bay far below and the golden sand. You will enter trough the lush green trees and after that a view of cliff face descending into the water. Governors Beach is also known to be a good snorkeling spot in Saint-Barth. This beach also possesses the exquisite views of other beaches.

Gouverneur Beach

Saline Beach

There are some people who want to go on a tour but also do not like much crowd then this lovely beach will give them an eternal peace. 15 to 20 minutes easy hike on a rocky terrain from the parking lot will lead you to a body surfable waves of Saline Beach. The sides of the beaches end with the large rocky hillsides who look stunning when you see them from the stunning stretch of sand. It is known for one of the long and deep beaches of St Bart and the best part as I mentioned above it is usually empty.

Despite being the second largest beach of Saint Barts, there is no hotel or resort. But you have plenty of space for beach picnics, or you will have to go to Grain de Sel restaurant for lunch. When you walk to go on this beach the sand may be a bit hot for you, so it is recommended to have sandals with you. The tourists will feel that this beach is specifically undisturbed from the development of St Barts.

Saline beach


Flamands Beach

This is the longest beach with the finest sand on St Bart. It is located on the Northwest side. The famous thing about the Flamands Beach is the spectacular surf and somehow the empty shores that give a sense of tranquility and if you want all the ingredients of a fine beach like some sand, some surf, some sun, and some shade than just pack your bags and go to this beach and have a good time.

The powdery sand and moderate surf make a perfect match for a beach day and from this place you will also have a view of small cluster islands on the north side. At the evening when sun dips below the hills and spread different colors through the peaks make a perfect view of a sunset.

Flamands Beach

Marigot Beach

Tucked away from the bustling tourist spots, Marigot Beach offers a beautiful and tranquil bay, perfect for those seeking a serene beach experience. The waters here are usually calm, making it an excellent choice for swimming or snorkeling in the clear blue sea. While it may not be the best spot for sunbathers due to its smaller size, the beach rarely sees crowds, providing a peaceful escape for visitors. As part of a marine reserve, Marigot Beach is not just a place to relax, but also a sanctuary where the marine ecosystem is protected and cherished. During the summer months, the shore may occasionally be affected by sargassum algae; choosing a day without sargasse is advisable to fully enjoy the pristine conditions of this natural haven.

Shell Beach

Shell Beach is the closest beach to downtown Gustavia, making it super convenient for a quick beach trip. It's a unique spot where the sand is actually made of little shell pieces—that's how it got its name. Plus, it's the ideal beach to catch a stunning sunset; the skies here are just incredible in the evenings.

The sea is calm and the water's clear, perfect for a dip. Right on the beach, there’s Shellona, a fancy restaurant that offers a fine dining experience with the ocean as your backdrop. It’s a great place to enjoy a sophisticated meal with the sound of the sea. On the right, you’ll find a rocky cove, which adds a bit of adventure to the mix. 

Grand Cul de Sac

Grand Cul de Sac is a vibrant lagoon and a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Its shallow waters stretch far out, making it perfect for kite surfing, paddle-boarding, and kayaking. For snorkelers, it's a treasure trove where you're likely to encounter sea turtles; with around 70 of them calling the lagoon home, your chances are high for a memorable encounter.

When hunger strikes, there's no shortage of options along the beach. Ti Corail is a charming beach shack known for its delectable picnic-style food. Booking one of their two beach tables in advance is a must, especially if you wish to savor their famous lobster roll. For a more upscale dining experience, Le Rivage offers exquisite Italian cuisine with a beachfront view. Additionally, the luxury hotels Le Barthélemy and Le Guanahani have their own restaurants, each offering a unique gastronomic delight.

For those looking to dive into the lagoon's activities, there are rental places where you can get paddleboards, kayaks, and even jet skis. One is conveniently located next to Ti Corail, and another is housed within Le Barthélemy hotel—though it's open to all visitors, not just hotel guests. 

Toiny Beach 


How to choose the best beach

It’s not easy to say because every tourist has a different taste, some are fond of crowdy places and some loves the empty shores, some like to have a lunch on a resort on the beach and others wanted to have a picnic lunch on some side of the beach, some loves to do swimming while others just want to have a sunbath on the sand, so everyone have a different mindset of tour.

When you plan to visit the beaches of St Bart just read the upper paragraphs in which I briefly explained the specific qualities of all the beaches of St Bart. 

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