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What is the best time to go to St. Barth?

Posted by Guillaume on Dec 21, 2021 11:50:07 AM

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The island of Saint Barthélémy, located in the north of the Caribbean, has a great climate for your holidays, with sunshine and warmth throughout the whole year. The temperature varies between 26°C (average for January) and 29°C (average for August).

There are, however, two distinct seasons:

  • A wet season (May to November) when there are frequent short showers and temperatures usually reach around 32°C in the daytime. From August through to October, the island is affected by cyclones.
  • A dry season (December to April) when there is little precipitation. Average temperatures are around 29°C in the day and 23°C at night.
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Although the period between November and April provides the finest weather for your travel and sees the island at its busiest, you can still enjoy a wonderful holiday in Saint Barthélémy throughout the year. If you want to have a peaceful and quiet time, going there between May and July is the best option. In general, the beaches are almost empty, and the weather is always fine.

Events on the island from season to season

From November to mid-December

The time of renaissance. All of the hotels and establishments that closed throughout September and October, during the cyclone season, reopen to the public.

This is not yet the heart of the high season; prices are more affordable. There are plenty of events and entertainment, including:

  • Le Saint Barth Festival Gourmet (St. Barts Food Festival), the gastronomic event. Several leading chefs from mainland France take over restaurants for 4 days.
    Every evening, they serve a dinner that they have themselves cooked. Whichever restaurant you choose to eat at, the menu is provided at a cost of 135€.
  • Thanksgiving, the 4th Thursday in November is a popular holiday for Americans, and it attracts some 500 to 600 people. You will of course be able to enjoy some turkey with stuffing and pumpkin pie. We highly recommend that you book your stay in advance.
  • La Cata Cup is the essential catamaran race in the Caribbean, taking place between the food festival and Thanksgiving, where the champions of world sailing and enthusiasts come together.

Mid-December – early January – The busiest season

The beating heart of the high season when the island receives most visitors.

  • The downside of this busy time is that prices are twice as high as during the rest of the high season and 3 or 4 times as high as the low season. Customers may be required to rent a private villa for a minimum stay of 10 or 14 nights, costing up to 5-figure fees per night.
  • For a family day out, take a trip to the Gustavia Christmas market along the quaysides. Musical entertainment or activities for children await you there every evening. An ideal opportunity to meet Father Christmas, a wonderful experience for young children.

quai voiture

  • During the festive period, you are also likely to get a chance to bump into personalities from the world of music or cinema. They tend to keep a low profile and they love to come to St. Barts because it appears to be the best time to visit.
  • Christmas and New Year: This is the most festive time of the year, when fabulous soirées are organised, and the party spirit holds sway. One piece of advice: remember to book your spot in one of the popular nightclubs or restaurants well in advance for the evenings of 24th and 31st December. This is when prices are at their highest.
  • Nikki Beach, the legendary restaurant at St. Jean Bay, is an absolute must. Several stars, singers or DJs are regularly invited there. Jimmy Sax, the famous saxophonist and Kygo, the acclaimed DJ, have both been seen there...
    This is an ideal setting to spend a perfect New Year’s Eve. The champagne flows, music plays and there is a firework display on the other side of St. Jean Bay. An unforgettable moment!

January - mid-April – The high season

The island is as busy as ever at this time of year. Events organised during the winter months include:

  • Classical Music Festival which will take place from 9th to 16th January 2022. Several jazz, classical and opera concerts are due to be performed in the churches of Gustavia and Lorient, hosting internationally acclaimed musicians and singers.
  • Carnival (late February)
    Children from the town’s schools parade through the streets of Gustavia for a joyous carnival where masks are de rigueur , followed by another parade that is open to all in celebration of  Mardi Gras, in a festive atmosphere featuring music and dancing. An unmissable day. Get your disguises on!
  • St. Barts Bucket Regatta is a major nautical and media event. In late March, a three-day regatta sees some of the finest sailing boats arrive in St. Barthelemy. The evenings in Gustavia are very lively during this time.

Mid-April – late June – Start of the low season

The start of the low season provides pleasant temperatures and more affordable prices. Although the year’s biggest events are over by this time, there is still plenty to do on the island, such as:

  • “Les voiles de Saint Barth” in mid-April lasting 5 to 6 days, when the biggest sailing boats take part in races around the island. An event that has become one the essentials and can be watched from the coastline.


July - August – The European holiday season

During these summer months, prices remain affordable for many Europeans and visitors from mainland France. 

There are still plenty of events taking place on the island, although the temperature becomes warmer and humidity levels are more noticeable. This is the beginning of cyclone season, so visitors need to ensure that they remain vigilant. 

The vast majority of establishments providing accommodation close down from the last week in August onwards.

September - October – The slow period

This is the peak of the hurricane season when only the island’s inhabitants remain there. There are very few tourists, and most establishments close their doors.

There are a few small local restaurants and certain bars still open to cater for the island’s residents.

Temperatures are at their highest and the temperature of the water approaches 30°C.

If you decide to visit the island during this period, make sure that you remain alert and keep an eye on the news of the national hurricane center to stay informed of any dangerous weather conditions.

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