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The St Barth Gourmet Festival 2022

Posted by Guillaume on Sep 13, 2022 9:16:58 AM

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The St Barth Gourmet Festival, a mouth-watering event in the Caribbean !

The 9th edition of the St. Barth Gourmet Festival will be held on the island of Saint Barthélemy, which boasts white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Organised by the Saint Barthélemy Tourism Committee, the festival will feature 11 world-renowned chefs who will craft fine-dining menus. During this five-day event, visitors will taste exquisite dishes in top-notch partner establishments.


The St. Barth Gourmet Festival schedule

The St. Barts Gourmet Festival will take place from November 8 to November 13.

Over the course of five days, food and wine enthusiasts will watch chefs go head to head. They will also indulge in amazing menus prepared by a diverse array of chefs.

Tuesday, November 8 : Opening ceremony at 6 : 30 p.m. at the Rosewood Hotel – Le Guanahani St Barth. The event is by invitation only.

Wednesday, November 9 : Press conference with the chefs at 9 : 30 a.m. at the Cheval Blanc hotel – St-Barth Isle de France. Lunch at the Nikki Beach restaurant, starting at noon. Sturia caviar tasting at the Foodland delicatessen – you need to register for the event. Dinner event with chefs, from 7 p.m. onwards.

Thursday, November 10 : Lunch at the Nikki Beach restaurant, starting at midday. Bartender competition organised by Enjoy St Barth and Italicus from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., at the Cheval Blanc Palace, Saint-Barth Isle de France. Dinner event with chefs, from 7 p.m. onwards.

Friday, November 11 : Lunch at the Nikki Beach restaurant, starting at midday. ‘Waiter race’ event, organised by Enjoy St-Barth and Ricard. Dinner event with chefs, from 7 p.m. onwards.

Saturday, November 12 : Lunch at the Nikki Beach restaurant, starting at midday. Dinner event with chefs, from 7 p.m. onwards.

Sunday, November 13 : The ‘Saint-Barth Chef Challenge’ kicks off at 7.15 a.m. at Bonito. This event is organised by the champagne brand Barons de Rotschild with the CEM, the Farmers of Saint Barthélemy and the Fishery Committee. Join the ‘Petites Toques St Barth’, an amateur pastry competition at 10 : 30 a.m. sponsored by Weiss & Eco Island St Barth Chocolate. Awards ceremony at 12 : 30 p.m.

The chef line-up of the St Barth Gourmet Festival 2022

This 9th edition of the St Barth Gourmet Festival will gather 11 ambassadors of French gastronomy. During the five-day event, the chefs will take up residence in the partner hotels and delight your tastebuds with exquisite dishes. Visitors will savour the flavour in an idyllic setting.

Chef Christopher Coutanceau : He is a chef and an ocean activist who will not be lost at sea. His signature dishes pay homage to the sea and seafood - shellfish, crustaceans and fish are always on the menu. Three-Michelin-starred chef Christopher Coutanceau will delight foodies at the five-Michelin-starred ‘Christopher St Barth Hotel’, the ‘Rivyera’, which is run by Mathis Larrodé.

Chef Gérald Passédat : He is a three-Michelin-starred chef and the president of the ‘Gourméditerranée’ association. During the festival, he will surprise the patrons of the Rosewood Hotel – Le Guahani St Barth, a stunning luxury and modern hotel complex overlooking the ocean.

Cédrik Ollivault is currently helming the kitchen of this Rosewood Hotel.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten : He is both a restaurateur and a businessman and he will ply his trade with his son, Cédric Vongerichten for the gourmet festival. He will shape tasty menus. His signature dishes, which are inspired by his trips to Asia, will delight everyone. The chef will serve his meals at the Eden Rock Saint-Barth, which is currently run by Danielli Lefebvre and the restaurant offers an enchanting setting, with stunning views over the coral reef.

Alan Geaam : He is a chef with an atypical career path. Festivalgoers will delight in his ethnic, creative and generous cooking at the sumptuous and upscale Manapany Hotel, which is now run by Anthony Martel.

Fanny Rey : She has teamed up with her husband and the duo have been preparing tasty, fusion and authentic food for twenty years. Their complicity and creative skills will be revealed in their dishes. Fanny will create her menus at l’Esprit, an idyllic restaurant nestled in a tropical garden. Fresh ingredients and unexpected seasonings will go into her recipes. Jean-Claude Dufour is now at the helm of the restaurant.

Tom Meyer : He is a prodigy chef from the Jura region who advocates the use of local products and zero waste. He will delight his guests with his daring, plant-based and gourmet cooking. Herbs and spices always add a nice twist to his dishes. He will be at the Zion Saint-Berth, which is now run by Jean-Baptiste Piard.

Mohamed Cheikh : The Top Chef 2022 winner will present his Mediterranean recipes at the Bagatelle restaurant, which is now run by Rocco Seminara.

Juan Arbelaez : He is a chef from Colombia. He will embark his guests on a beautiful culinary journey. He adheres to sustainable practices such as the choice of seasonal products. He will treat you to his delicous meals at the Nikki Beach Saint-Barth restaurant, a lively luxury beach club, which is now run by Antoine Durant.

Cédric Grolet : He is a very famous pastry chef who will indulge your sweet tooth with unique and tasty creations. He is invited to the Cheval Blanc Palace – Saint Barth Isle de France, that is now run by Jean Imbert.

Georgiana Viou : She is a former Masterchef contestant. She will showcase dishes with flavor combos from Benin and the South of France at the Sereno hotel, a luxury and quiet seafront hotel, which is currently run by David Mosca.

The St. Barts Gourmet Festival highlights

There are many highlights during this gourmet festival, apart from the chefs’ carefully crafted menus : Sturia caviar tastings – you will immerse yourself in the Sturia world with three workshops (Sturia for beginners, ageing or tasting). Enjoy !

The Waiters Race, organised by Enjoy St-Barth and Ricard is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Waiters and waitresses will compete, in full waiter gear, carrying trays laden with bottles in a race that will start at the Cantina. Contestants must get to the finishing line without spilling a drop and without dropping a bottle. It will be a quirky and fun event. Come and cheer on the racers !

The ‘St Barth Bartender Contest’ organised by Enjoy St-Barth and Italicus is a unique experience. Bartenders will showcase their skills and creative talent and create THE cocktail that will seduce the jury.

The ‘Saint-Barth Chefs Challenge’ is organised by the champagne brand Barons de Rotschild. Five young cooks will showcase their finest dishes. This year the theme is ‘Enhance the beauty of the earth with the sea.’ The jury will include the stellar lineup of chefs that are invited to the festival.

The ‘Concours des petites toques de Saint-Barth’ is organised by Weiss and Eco Island- St Barth Chocolate. Young cooks (who are under 15) will have the opportunity to showcase their cooking skills. The theme is ‘Chocolate and Fruit Style’.

For more infos you can check their website: https://saintbarthgourmetfestival.com/en/us/